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When closing a lane to traffic is necessary, a rigorous traffic control setup may be required.

Our Lane Closure Trucks equipped with a Flashing Arrow Bard (FAB) can be deployed to increase visibility of workers on the roadway. Our Lane Closure Trucks are equipped with signs and traffic control equipment when the customer does not have this equipment.

Our drivers are certified TCP’s and can set up the necessary traffic control equipment and layout based on the traffic control requirements.

Traffic Control Personnel (TCP) are required to direct traffic when any part of the roadway is occupied by workers or equipment. TCP’s are a vital component to any work related activity where workers or the public are exposed to moving traffic. TCP’s are required for projects relating to:

– Road work
– Work performed above or below ground
– Special events such as movie shoots or sports events.

Our TCP’s are highly trained, adhere to WorkSafe BC regulations and are supported by a 24x7x365 dispatcher. All our on-site staff are subject to regular inspections by supervisors who monitor health and safety.

At the start of a project, we can provide contractors with a Traffic Management Plan based on their specific needs. These plans provide the basis from which we can apply for the required permits to work on streets and highways in BC.

We can provide the following services to contractors:

– Permit application from traffic authorities, such as cities, municipalities and the MoTI
– Traffic Management Plans for Categories 1-5

Each municipality has its own requirements and permits applications which must be submitted correctly with a traffic plan. Class 1 plans are simple, one-page drawings and Class 5 plans are 70+ pages and require the seal of a professional engineer.

To learn more about how we can help you with traffic management plan development and permit & plan applications, please call 604.909.2999 ext 20.

United traffic has experienced personnel who focus on planning and managing traffic control projects related to special events. These projects have a tendency to be out of the ordinary and completely unique from day to day activity. Organizing these types of events can take a significant amount of time and planning to ensure they are coordinated efficiently.

Please call 604.909.2999 ext 13 to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Traffic control doesn’t always require dispatching traffic control personnel. Our customers can utilize our inventory of traffic management supplies to help them meet all of their job site’s requirements.

A list of available equipment includes:

– Cones
– Delineators
– Traffic barriers
– Windmaster
– Road & Traffic Signage